Jan. 12, 2019, 5:39 p.m.

Well, I think the time has come for me to make my first post here! And he will be connected with my favorite Aqours girl - Dia.

When this group first appeared, I was quite skeptical about it, because the heart which still loved (and loves) μ's did not want to accept such a substitution. But nevertheless, this girl immediately caught my attention and as I think absolutely deserved. Her severity and at the same time femininity won my heart, and her wonderful voice makes me happy and uplifting. Even though I love Aqours and other girls from there a lot more, she remains my favorite. Since summer I have been saving up for my greatest love - Umi, and already at that time I was thinking about what to do. Do you spend gems on Dia birthday or remain faithful to the best girl? It all started when a lottery broke on the worldwide server and I was able to win not only the first place, having received 450 additional love gems, but also a bunch of SR+ tickets. With them, I was able to get my goal at that time - Maid Umi. But besides that I got something else... Image Honestly, I was shocked. Getting such wonderful cards seemed unreal. Wolf Dia - perhaps my favorite card of hers, which I had dreamed about madly and spent all my tickets at the time of the release of the box with her. When WW introduced boxes with a higher percentage of UR by the new year, I decided to sacrifice a scout for birthday box and prefer a greater chance to get something interesting. And I got it from the second roll in her box. Image In addition, she noticed me on her birthday and the new year in combination with her beautiful New Year's card, along with the insanely beloved New Year's Umi. The holiday was a success! Image Now I have a collection of 31/54 of her cards, half of which are idolised and have a max level. In the future I will strive to increase this amount! But I did not come here only to show off. I want to say that Dia is a wonderful girl and a real flower of my life. In honor of the day when she was born, and my great gratitude and love for her, I give her a flower bouquet. I hope that this edit could express at least that small part of my love that I have for this wonderful girl. Image I also made some motivating pictures for those who save gems for an excellent president of the student council. Image Image Yesterday I filled up my altar with Dia's figure in school uniform. In the future I hope that I can collect a decent collection with my beloved girl. Image It seems to me that Dia is an excellent example of perseverance and hard work, which personally excites me. She is not devoid of romance and charm, which only strengthens my feelings for her. Love you, Dia! You deserve a lot of love from people all over the world and I hope you get it. Thank you, Dia-san!