Jan. 15, 2019, 4:34 a.m.

Welcome everyone to THE post

Yes, this THE post of the year, because...


At least it was when I started to write this lol

So, this will be long since Dia is my beloved best girl and she deserves the whole world. I would like to talk about different things so I'm going to divide the post in sections.

Excuse me if there's any error buuut I'm not native English speaker and so this thing hasn't the proper corrector...

Without further ado, let's get started! I hope you like it! ^^


I know everyone loves this part. This year (well, last year) wasn't the best in my drawing development. I totally gave up with the digital drawing because I couldn't get used to the tablet. It has been practically 2 years, but I RETURNED. I was feeling more confident with myself and I wanted to prove that I had improved at least a bit... And guess who was the first character I drew?

IT WAS DIA! With WBNW clothes because I really love that song. I'm still attached to the chibi style, but I swear I'll try drawing seriously from now on. And also sorry for the bad resolution but I couldn't remember how to change it.


I'd also prepared tons of sketches at my homework and uni notes but I can't find them! (I know I shouldn't do that :c)

Since it's her special day I wanted to make something great, but I hadn't enough time. At least I could prepare this sketch!

I dunno


If you click my profile you'll notice I really love this penguin goddess and that she's kind of kind with me. Sometimes.

Her birthday step-up went horribly bad and I want to share with all of you my despair

Isn't she a gorgeous queen

Top 10 photos taken before disaster

This idolisation was the only good thing

This idolisation was the only good thing


I tried to make a full Dia team with my favourite cards. It was a total fail. At least I own more than these ones and that's great news


One thing I really like to remember everyone is the fact that having a lot of merchandise of your fav characters, doesn't make you a better fan. That only means you have enough money to spend in all of that stuff.

That's not, unfortunately, my case. But not because of a lack of money... It's because my parents don't let me to buy all these "childish and useless things" :(

I have the opportunity (and the permission) to start creating my own stan your best girl bag cuz I dunno how to call it lol. And obviously it's Dia inspired!

I started with it just one month ago, so don't expect to see a lot of keychains and... WHERE CAN I FIND PINS AND BADGES, PLEASE SEND HELP (don't pay attention to the Riko keychain).


On her birthday I ordered two more keychains... Family starts growing uwu

Wish me luck to complete it! <3 (and also to get a Dia figure FOR ONCE and really, where do yu get all of that merchandise omg) Also this year I cosplayed as Dia, yay! I was dreaming about that and finally I managed to make it come true. It's not a wonderful cosplay because I can't afford to buy one of those super expensive but gorgeous cosplays. Again sorry for the bad quality! ><


I love the fact that I hide my face with a Samsung emoticon


I really love music and singing. I'm not the best at it, but I become so passionate when it comes to it. The only Dia solo out is the wonderful White First Love, which, in my opinion, is one of the best LL songs.

I expressed my recognition to it in two different ways:

Covering the song by myself, hope you like it

Click here

Doing a Spanish adaptation. An adaptation it's not a literal translation! The original English lyrics are from LL Wikia, so all the credits are for them!


The images used for the edit are neither not mine!

Since practically everyone here are English speakers, I tried to translate my own translation with my knowledges. Sorry if there's any error:

I’m worried about my feelings won’t reach you

It’s a great suffer

I can’t tell anyone, this night my heart it’s trembling for you

Maybe is this love?

I believe it was correct, that I couldn’t be wrong

But it has been an exception, that it wasn’t the truth

My innocence it’s not going to solve this complicated situation

I feel totally lost and I can’t find clues

The hope arrives with a word

And quickly disappears

This passion starts to be terrible

I’m worried about my feelings won’t reach you

It’s a great suffer

I can’t tell anyone, this night my heart it’s trembling for you

Maybe is this love?

Although you’re listening to me, you don’t believe me

I believe that what I feel for you wouldn’t provoke any doubt

Actually I don’t want you to be kind

I want to mantain this situation

What it’s awakening inside me it’s terrible

Your gaze is unfair, is that right?

With a pinch of loneliness

They attract me a lot since we are really similar, I won’t come back never again

Is this the beginning...?

Your gaze is unfair, is that right?

With a pinch of loneliness

They attract me a lot since we are really similar, I won’t come back never again

Is this the beginning...?

My feelings are brand new and they will reach you (they will reach you)

A wish has born

I want to tell you at last, this night, my heart goes directly to yours

Now I know this is love!


Ah, this is where love begins

I would love to talk a lot about Dia, but I don't want this post to be the longest one in Schoolido history. Just let me offer some gratitude words to my best girl

I have to accept it wasn't love at first sight, but I couldn't resist anymore to all your charms: maturity, beauty, patience... The greatest council president and, obviously, the greatest big sister of all times!

Dia has given me a lot of good moments during all 2018. I know there is a long way to go, but I want to express my gratitude:

Thanks to make my year better and cheering me up everyday

Thanks for being such a important role model to me

Thanks to make my experience as a Love Live fan better, having someone to whom send all my support

Thanks to bright up my days with your beautiful voice

And, of course, thanks to be yourself

I would love to thank all the LL fans (especially the Dia fans) who supported and defended her from all the criticism she has received in the last years. I know a lot of you really love Dia even when she isn't your best girl and I'm totally grateful

Thanks also to Arisa, Dia's seiyuu, for all her effort to play her character splendidly and participating in the lives such in a marvelous way

If you have arrived here, THANK YOU TOO!

I hope everyone spend happily 2019

See you next time!