slowly updating this page lul. gets salty 24/7

  • Rank 104 on Maki SID EN (The very first Maki event I played)

  • Rank 32 on the First Maki MedFes EN

  • Rank 1323 on the First Maki ChaFes JP

  • Rank 15 on Military Maki Token Event EN (Best. Achievement. EVER! T___T)

  • Rank 8 (which actually 11) on MakiUmi SM Round 20 tied with 5 other members :')

  • Rank 12 (also Rank 2 from Indonesia) on the first Maki ChaFes EN (also 'last dance'?)

  • Rank 1008 on KotoMaki token JP (I WAS SO CLOSE TO TOP 1K OTL)

'My whole life was Unlimited F̶e̶e̶l̶ Meme Works.'


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