► μ`s:

waifu character: Eli Ayase; love character: Umi Sonoda; hate character: Nico Yazawa; love OTP: me/Eli, Umi/Eli, Nozo/Eli

► Aqours:

waifu character: Kanan Matsuura; love character: You Watanabe,; hate character: Yohane Tsushima, Rico Sakurauchi; love OTP: You/Kanan

► Love seiyu:

Yoshino Nanjo, Iida Riho, Yurika Kubo, Suwa Nanaka, Komiya Arisa.

► My history:

I've been play llsif for 1 year. My first playing on EN-version In the beginning of 2016. Later 2 months I created account on JP-version. And 28 august I created my second, even the main, account on JP. About Love Live I found out from my best friend on internet. At this time I was loved Nozomi T. for her appearance. On summer 2016, july, I feel in love Eli, and now she is my waifu. I don't love Aqours, I think it's a parody of μ`s, but I intersting You Watanabe, she is so cute...

► My website:

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