Hello everyone~!

Female, 25, from Finland. I first started SIF in July 2015 with my father's tablet computer, but later I finally got myself smartphone and I've been even deeper in idol hell since.

I play only English version, I used to play Japanese version as well but I've since donated that account away. Currently, my goal is to get at least one SR from every event. My best girl is Umi, and my favourite sub-unit is lily white. In Aqours, my favourite girl is You and my favourite sub-unit is Guilty Kiss.

Besides SIF, I also play Ensemble Stars. Before, I also used to play IDOLiSH7 and Yumeiro Cast but I've given up those games as well.

In my personal life, I study history at the university (and hopefully I will graduate soon!) and my hobbies include video games, anime, manga, figure collecting, dolls (such as BJDs) and drawing.


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