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Hi. I'm a dinosaur.
I was chosen by Sheeptori so I like her the best.
I used to be F2P but Sheeptori came to me (through scouting! reduced appearance rate!) and I don't know what happened but my wallet is crying.

Friendlist is full most of the time...

  • 20170301 - Ballgown Kotori is in sticker shop! Bless sticker shop. (Taisho Hanayo was sacrificed.)
  • 20161212 - Time is cruel. Cannot whale anymore due to need to support family. Limiting myself to just the special packs. Lacking 7 Kotoris on main.
  • 20160616 - Got 2 Coptoris via blue coupons! ALL KOTORIS ON MAIN!!
  • 20160604 - Managed to trade for an idolized Angel? Nurse? ! KOTORI QUEST ACHIEVED!!!
  • 20160530 - 1 copy of Magician birb. Better than no UR birb at least!
  • 20160522 - Still no Coptori on main but 1 copy of Angel? Nurse? has come home!
  • 20160513 - Still no Coptori on main but managed to trade for a side account. Mmmm... yes... 3.0 sooooooon. ☆w☆ Let the farming begin!
  • 20160420 - Still no Coptori or Angel?Nurse? but I got another Chinabirb on main for idolization! :>
  • 20160316 - 2nd year box gave me a bunch of 1SRs... but one of them was Swimsuit Kotori! JUST ONE MORE. sideeyes Angel?Nurse?
  • 20160210 - Many thanks to /u/jlanz for gifting me an idolizable Xmas birb starter! <3 Only 2 more left!
  • 20160205 - Nozomi's spiritual power has aided me in gaining a second copy of Wonderful Candy! <3 Only 3 more birbs left to collect...
  • 20160125 - Thank you 2nd year box for finally giving me a China Dress Kotori for my main! <3
  • 20160107 - Even tho I never got more than 1SR, limited box has been kind. Got 1 Christmas Kotori and 2 New Year Kotoris!
  • 20151217 - Scouting for SLG set; ended up with 3 idolizable Kotori SRs: Wedding, Constellation, and SLG!
  • 20151204 - Ended #2 for Sheeptori.
  • 20151126 - Unexpected Sheeptori event. I'm dead.
  • 20151102 - After many 1 SR 10+1s, finally got another copy of Cool Evening Breeze from the 2nd year limited scouting. Idolized tricolor UR milestone achieved!
  • 20150919 - Caved for guaranteed SR in 2nd year limited scouting. I got to idolize maid Kotori so WORTH. throws $$ at KLab Plus managed to get idolizable wedding Kotori on another reroll. :3
  • 20150801 - Failed to get Chinadress Kotori on main account. Was lucky to scout on side account. Going back to F2P for now.
  • 20150506 - Got UR Kotoris for all three attributes

Kotori Quest
progress 59/66 Kotoris (57 idolized)

Missing Kotoris: please send to me

  • URs: dance
  • SRs: pool, kunoichi, fairyland, baseball, idol costume, little devil

4 accounts: