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Hi!I'm Puri (Pure-ri).I'm not really great at full comboing Master songs,but I'm gonna try my best at it.Please know that I'm currently not available to accept friend requests because it's full so...follow me on YouTube in instead!!!

My best girls in Muse: 1.)Eli 2.)Maki 3.)Honoka 4.)Kotori 5.)Hanayo 6.)Nozomi 7.)Rin 8.)Umi 9.)Nico

My best girls in Aqours: 1.)Hanamaru 2.)You 3.)Kanan 4.)Mari&Yohane 5.)Dia 6.)Ruby 7.)Riko 8.)Chika

Why do I put Nico and Chika in last? A)Because Nico has a shrill voice and often jealous of Maki (Nobody jealous my tomato ,just kidding).As for Chika she's a very bad friend for You because she didn't care about You much when Riko joined the group it makes You jealous of Riko.

Why does You has to be my 2nd best girl? A)Because You is great friend , she sacrifice her interest to join Chika's club , the school idol club.

As for Riko? A)She's the reason why that I put her in the 8th place , she is the person who almost torn apart the relationship between You and Chika.

Why do I like Mari as much as Yohane? A)Because I like ship them and I like their personality,so I put them in 4th place.

Why Eli is my muse best girl? A)Because of her fashion sense and her cards (Oh!did I mention that her voice is awesome?!).And she's kinda responsible about student council work too.

When I've started playing LLSIF,who is my best girl? A)Kotori.Why?I like her personality and her charm.She's kinda cute :)

Why does Maki is my 2nd best muse girl? A)Because the thing is about Maki is...I don't like her arguing with Eli (It looks rude but still I like her personality and her looks!!!)

Why is Kanan my Aqours 3rd best girl? A)I have A LOT of reasons to love her.But she can't beat You and Hanamaru. -She's pretty. -I like her voice :) -I understand her clearly why she's quiting from being a school idol. -She's althletic. -I love her personality. -Her smile is really pure. -I like her when she was a child she's cute! -Her cards!!!I love them!!!

Why does Hanamaru is my Aqours best girl? A)She's cute, kind and intelligent ,zura!!!!!!(She also care those who was around her)

Why is Yohane and Mari are in the 4th place? A)Because they are fighting each other when I'm scouting for a specific card.They are always come around when I'm scouting.

Ship ranking(muse): 1.)NozoEli 2.)NicoMaki 3.)RinMaki 4.)MakiEli 5.)KotoEli 6.)HonoEli 7.)HonoRi(Honoka+Kotori) 8.)NozoMaki 9.)All remaining ships goes here!!!

Ship ranking(Aqours): 1.)YohaMaru 2.)KanaMari 3.)YouRiko 4.)KanaDia 5.)YohaRuby 6.)YouKanan 7.)RikoMaru 8.)All the remaining ships go here!!! 9.)DiaRuby 10.)YohaRiko(I Hate This Ship!!!!!)

Why do I ship NozoEli?(1st favorite ship in muse) A)The answer is obvious;)

Why do I ship YohaMaru?(1st favorite ship in Aqours) 1.)They are complete opposites: 1.1)Yohane is a fallen angel(Demon???) 1.2)Hanamaru is an angel who helps people who have problems(Hanamaru helps Yohane with her bad luck) 2.)Hanamaru always tease Yoshiko(They looks so cute together) 3.)They are childhood friends:) 4.)Yoshiko give Hanamaru a nickname called "Zuramaru"(How cute Yoshiko!!!) 5.)From number 1.2 in season 2 Hanamaru helps Yoshiko on her ritual(By inviting Chika over) 6.)They help Ruby idea inof season 2(Ruby is planning to help Saint Snow to have a final live show with them) 7.)From number 6 They also sing together in the song called "Awaken the power" 8.)In season 1 and season 2 they always stick together as friends. 9.)I know their seiyuus didn't really interact with each other or being BFF but still........it's A very AWESOME ship!!!!!!!! 10.)In fan comics I saw a lot of YohaMaru Comics than YohaRiko Comics. 11.)From number 10 their comics is more heart-touching than YohaRiko's(YohaRiko is 15-18+ comics it's s** related) 12.)I know I shouldn't read those but...still I did some research so please thank me that I prove that YohaMaru is better than YohaRiko.

(HOT QUESTION)Why didn't I ship YohaRiko instead??? A) 1.)Because the ship is formed from seiyuus not the background of the main characters.The ship "YohaRiko" is from 2 seiyuus: 1.1)Aika Kobayashi(The voice of Yohane//Yoshiko Tsushima) 1.2)Rikako Aida(The voice of Tiki Sakurauchi) 2.)From number 1 because of those seiyuus some fans want to ship them(Me too actually but it's the seiyuus I'm talking about not the characters)and they want to YohaRiko too.So,in season 2 episode 5 ,they interact with each other more by the writer make them closer each other(the writer makes the YohaRiko ship by adding lost-home dog)and season 2 the final episode they make YohaRiko hold hands. 3.)I don't this ship because of that and another thing is they don't really interact in the first season of the anime. 4.)This ship maybe caused by Guilty Kiss. (**I did some research so don't screw me, okay???)

*Bonus: -Mari convince You to tell her how she feels when Riko came to the group. -Yoshiko (I mean Yohane) has similar personality as Mari is....crazy (sorry Yohane and Mari fans) so can't choose between the two of them after that I choose both to be my 4th best Aqours girl. -Some people say YohaRiko is trash. -Nothing ease , zura!

Some changes will be added if they were more questions.

Questions?Ask me by sending me a private message;)

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