I'm a college student who chooses to spend his free time watching, playing games about, and generally thinking about fictional high school idols, as opposed to doing something more productive such as advancing my future career or putting more effort into my classes. I'm a weeb degenerate circa 2014 and member of idol hell circa April 2015.

2015 is when I started playing SIF, and on that original account, I was lucky enough to get Wedding Honoka and Fruit Stand Umi. I played that account for about a year, started tiering for events, and got to about rank 120. Then my phone died and I lost all that data. I took that as a sign to quit, and that's what I did. I was happy... for about 10 months.

Then in March 2017, after Sunshine S1 was already out, I dove back into the game with a new account and never looked back. I'm sworn to F2P because I'm broke, but I still play every day...

...and I also write cheesy fanfiction. I love HonoUmi and would love to see more support for this underrated ship, so I decided to do that myself. Check me out at and I don't update as often as I should, but people reading my works means so much to me.


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