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Hi!~ My name is Maralina and, obviously, I love LoveLive! My favourite anime is Danganronpa! I also am an Active Mod here on Sukutomo and I also help manage the Sukutomo Twitter account! Hopefully, you'll see some of my tweets!

Mari Dia Kanan

My Best Girls:

My favourite idols are Umi, Nozomi and Rin! Also Dia, Mari and Kanan!

I love Umi because she was the first girl I ever chose for my starter girl and she was my first idolized SR. I love Nozomi because of her influence on μ's and she's left a massive impact on me with her backstory and personality. I love Rin because she was my first ever UR I scouted and now she's all idolized and pretty. Still can't believe it.

Wow, with Aqours in SIF I guess I should update this page a bit more, huh. Well, Dia is my best girl because her design. I love her. Buu Buu Desu Wa for life. I find her love for μ's to be soooooo cute. I love Mari because I honestly find her really funny with her upbeat personality and "It's joke!". I love Kanan because... Kanan. What can I say? She's just amazing and I kind of relate to her in a weird way.

I have been playing SIF since December 3rd 2014 and I am mainly an iPad thumb player but I do have the ability to use my index fingers in case of an injury.

My dream for SIF is to come first place in a Nozomi/Umi event!

Rin Umi Nozomi

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where did you get the name Maralina from?

A: My old friend once said by accident when trying to pronounce someone's name and I really liked the sound of it. Though, to save her the embarrassment, I say it's after 'Maralinga' in Australia.

Q: Why is your name '4th Place'?

A: A small joke from when I was grinding in SM 12. I kept coming last in the Cool and Pure songs but owned everyone else in the Smile songs. It was a joke and mockery of myself.

Q: Favourite sub-unit and song of that sub-unit?

A: Lily White with Otohime Haato de Rabu Kyuuden.

Q: Favourite μ's song?

A: Happy Maker! It's an upbeat and easy song to sing along to. The beatmap in-game is also fun~

Q: Favourite Aqours song?

A: I'm not too much of an invested fan into Aqours but I enjoy White First Love and New Winding Road.

Miyu Hotaru Yukari Kako Karen


16th to reach Honoka SR (Score Match 12)

9th to reach Maki SR (UmiMaki Challenge Festival 4)

1st to reach Umi SR (UmiNozomi Challenge Festival 17)

Became Active Mod+Community Manager for Schoolidolu!

Became Active Mod+Database Maintainer for Idol Story!

Note: All cards that appear here are either cards I HAVE or cards I HAD. I'm too lazy to delete loads of cards after 3.0.

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