Muse: Honoka, Hanayo, Nozomi

Aqours: Chika

Nijigasaki: Kasumi

Liella: Not sure yet but I think Kinako

SIF goals [OUTDATED]: Make it to rank 100 (achieved!), get cooking Honoka (achieved!), idolize a UR (achieved!), idolize a Nozomi UR (achieved!), idolize a Chika UR, idolize an SSR (achieved!), unlock at least 10 Nozomi side stories (achieved!), unlock at least 10 Chika side stories, FC an expert song (achieved!), FC a master song (achieved!), play all muse duet songs (achieved!), play all aqours duet songs, play everyday for 365 days, play everyday for 100 days (achieved!)

My account got lost after the Google thing was removed :(

I found out about Love Live! in November of 2016


3 accounts: