GoldTStar aka Mr. Steal Your Waifu.

Been playing since the beginning and its been an up and down coaster of events, no pun intended. Love Nico, Hate Maki/Shipping. Shiga Hitomi favorite N girl.

Completionist: Maintain every live songs cleared the game has to offer.


  • Get an UR Nico ★彡

  • Get 1st place in a Nico event ★彡

  • Get Devil Nico ★彡

  • Get 10 or more Top 10 finishes

  • Break all-time EN event points record

  • Rank 500

★Best Achievements (Top 10s)★

  • Nico Score Match Round 11 - 8th Place

  • Nico Medley Festival Round 5 - 2nd Place

  • Eli/Honoka Medley Festival Round 7 - 9th Place

  • Nico Magnetic Today!! Token - ★1st Place★

  • Kotori Medley Festival Round 8 - 7th Place

  • Rin Such A Miracle! Token - 10th Place

  • Nico Medley Festival Round 9 - ★1st Place★

  • Umi Score Match Round 25 - 8th Place


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