**Notice 9/25/16: I'm not very active anymore due to graduate school so uh...yeah. But I still love LL! :D

I'm too far gone. A lost cause. ヽ( ゚ ワ 。)ノ A vaguely burnt out semi-whale that still plays. Youtube has some dream UR whaling videos, don't expect much more.

Rin Event Rankings: 「にゃ〜♪」 (Click!)
We Are Navigators: #4, Score Match 5: #1, Score Match 9: #3
Hanayo Medley Festival Round 2: 1st (874k for Ha-na-yo! A special exception. And also because I failed 874k the previous year with Rin Score Match 5.)

EN Friend list perpetually full, probably. But pique my interest and maybe... I have room on JP, though. Just let me know beforehand. [日本語、English]

RinMaki OTP and just-about-every-ship shipper. Forever crying over the first years.


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