STRONG FEELINGS AND OPINIONS TO FOLLOW! If you don't like it when your opinions don't match others', best to avert your eyes!

The Best

1. Hoshizora Rin - Golden Goddess with the voice of an angel. Super happy and full of energy, but doesn't steamroll over other people like Honoka. I get why some people might not like the cat thing, but it doesn't bug me. Sexy Rin > Cute Rin.

2. Sakurauchi Riko - The girl I would marry were they to come to life. Stable, responsible, but not obnoxiously so. (See below.) Pretty in pink.

The Irreproachable

3. Kunikida Hanamaru - She makes me laugh. Looks adorable munching on bread.

4. Minami Kotori - Despite baby-talking, she has a more grown-up disposition. Can't ever get mad at her.

5. Koizumi Hanayo - I like her like this, too!

6. Kurosawa Ruby - Also baby-talks. Is cute as a button, though, so she can get away with it. Inspires everyone to do their best.

The Sunny Side Up

7. Takami Chika - Actually useful as a leader. Fails to stand out only because she maintains so many lead-character tropes.

8. Kousaka Honoka - The only one audacious enough to start a school idol group. Nice enough, but pretty useless in every department.

9. Matsuura Kanan - The most attractive idol (read: looks great in swimwear). Loses points for patronizing her friends.

The Sunny Side Down

10. Watanabe You - Fixated on boats and uniforms, two things that don't get my attention.

11. Kurosawa Dia - Loves her sister. Looks great in red. Likes to be a know-it-all, though.

12. Yazawa Nico - Why does she have so many songs?

The Sticks in the Mud

13. Sonoda Umi - Doesn't like other people to have fun.

14. Nishikino Maki - Only cute when talking about Santa. Too much tsun, not enough dere.

15. Ayase Eli - Thinks stopping people from trying because they aren't good enough (in her estimation) is valid.

The Last Three

16. Tsushima Yoshiko - Has great songs. Love the shark sleeping bag. Can't stand the chuni stuff.

17. Ohara Mari - Nope.

18. Toujou Nozomi - As Honoka would say, "Oh! Sexual Harrasment!"


1. Guilty Kiss - I like all their music.

2. lily white - Any reason to hear Rin sing.

3. CYaRon! - The better of the the two Smile sub-units. What kind of name is that, though?

4. Printemps - You know Kotori chose that name. Not bad, but a few songs really grate on me.

5. BiBi - A few Nico good songs, but too Nico much Nico in a lot of them.

6. AZALEA - I have no problem with this group, but for the most part, I am uninterested in their songs.

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Don't like ships, but not going to look down on you if you do. Yousoro!


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