I once have an account on EN but no luck, quite lucky with my account on JP so rip EN lol.

EDIT : Now my new EN account start to get some love ._. That taisho pair, kotori kunoichi and Maki baseball is just too strong.

NEW QUEST! - Get a full SSR idolized team with 9 aqours members on it 9/9 atm

Quest completed!

Chika&Ruby best girl tho , for µ I prefer Maki&Kotori <3


Both are so kawaii (∩˃o˂∩)♡


Aqours!!! Sunshine!!!!

PS. Please include a message that you're from SIT when adding me in-game. (Now I have too much FR and I don't know which one is from this site lol)


2 accounts: