You want to see an introduction about me, don't ya folks? Yes or not, I'll try my best to to entertain all of you, but it won't reach its goal 'cause I am a bit boooOooooring. :P So I'm just playing on my laptop and on my 4 Nintendo 3DS-es (sorry, it's just 3, because the 4th one is a 2DS :P ), trying to have an idea, what kind of program to write (Windows, browsers or handheld consoles) or just watching Anime. Also, I like to draw pictures (eg.: profile picture) by hand and/or with PhotoShop or to make themes for my 3DS, whenever I have inspiration. Basically I like to stay at home, but this isn't mean that I never go out of the house. ;)

What kind of games do I like? That's simple. I like every game, if I have an interest in them. :P Similar to these: LLSiF, Etrian Odyssey, Pokémon, Phoenix Wright, Mario Kart, Hyperdimension Neptunia and visual novels (eg.: Planetarian, Rewrite)


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