Hi there! Feel free to address me as Hoshino☆~ Hoshi works just as fine!

Just your everyday NEET who loves Nozomi Tojo.

I love Mamoru Chiba from Sailor Moon. A lot. Very much. With all my heart.

School Idol Festival is just one of my obsessions but I'm actually really into other game franchises such as the Smash Bros. series, Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog.

SIF is the only mobile game I play because I'm a bit too addicted and it often gives me carpal tunnel, but IT'S WORTH EVERY HAND ACHE. Despite that, I'm always willing to try and at least give the game all I can to the very best of my ability!

My best μ's girl is Nozomi because I relate to her on a spiritual level much more compared to the other girls. She's a character I can empathize with and that's suitable enough for her to be my #1.


  • My First Ever SR!: Animal Maki (EN)

  • First SR on JP: Magician Nozomi

  • Participated in My First Event!: Score Match Round 23 (JP) New Years Nozomi (Tier 3)

  • First Ever UR! (1/15/16): Animal Part2 Maki (Green ticket) (JP)

  • First UR Pair! (1/23/16): December NozoEli (Third Year Scouting 10+1) (JP)

  • First Ever Tier 2! (2/15/16): Score Match Round 16 (EN) Snow-Bunny Nozomi (also my first idolized SR!)

  • First Non-Event Idolized SR (3/23/16): Ball Honoka (both solo yolo'd the same day) (JP)

  • First Blue Scouting Coupon UR! (3/23/16): Circus Umi (JP)

  • First UR on EN! (4/7/16): September Umi (Blue Scouting Coupon) (EN)

  • Joined the Rank 100 Club! (4/30/16): (JP)

  • Partcipated in My First Challenge Festival! (4/30/16): Challenge Festival Round 2 (JP) Flower Viewing Rin (Tier 2)

  • First Solo Yolo'd UR! (6/6/16): Magician Kotori (EN)

  • Participated in My First Token Event! (7/11/16): Promise of Today (EN) Bathrobe Nozomi (Tier 1)

  • Tier 1 for the very first time! (7/11/16): Promise of Today (EN) Tier 1, 56920 Event Points, Event Ranking 92 (Top 100!)

  • First high rarity Aqours card! (7/31/16) Swimsuit Yohane SSR (JP)

  • First Aqours SR! Initial Yohane (JP)

  • First Aqours UR! (8/15/16) Initial Chika (JP)

  • Tired in a Medley Festival for the first time! (9/7/16) Honoka+Eli Medfes (Tier 2, rank 3004)

  • First idolized UR! (9/9/16) Idol Outfit Nozomi (10+1 / Blue Coupon) (JP)

  • Enough UR's for a UR Team! (11/12/16) (JP)

  • SCOUTED MY DREAM UR! (11/20/16) Ball Nozomi (Blue Coupon) (EN)

  • Tricolour Nozomi UR's! (6/7/17) (Birthday Step-up Box) (EN)

  • Reached Rank 200! (7/6/17) (JP)

  • Reached Rank 200! (8/1/17) (EN)

  • First UR Pair! Ball KotoNozo (9/10/17) (EN)

  • First Score Tier T1! (12/15/17): Score Match Round 34 (Rank 8888) (JP)

  • First Score Tier T1! (1/5/18): Score Match Round 30 (Rank 404) (EN)

  • Reached Rank 300! (2/21/18) (EN)


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