Hi I`m 21 years old ( Actually my real name has a very beautiful meaning: Face of Water, Umi we must be related XD ) I´m a lunatic Umi Fan and I´m on a quest to collect all Umi Cards around. My leader always will be Umi ♥ (My no.2 Rin& Eli, No.3 Hanayo ♥) Haha now my fiance is playing Love Live too but He actually likes Maki-Chan... Why ohhhh why????? (Ok, actually Maki is cool :D) Loved the Anime too. Oh, did I tell you that Umi is the Mother? Umi is the Mother ♥

In real life I'm a student of a University of art & education sciences in Germany, I doing my bachelor there, too. For a short Time I was a alternative Photography Model too ( maybe someone knows "Asu Melancholic" but that's over now ) Also I was a Band Singer @ High School and I play guitar. Music, Art and Children are my life ♥ Howwwwever feel free to follow or to write me.

(Only visit my Tumblr if you can see blood. 18+ cause it's kinda creepy!)


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