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"The three of us are friends. Forever, you know ?" - Nogi Sonoko 💜

Hi everyone ! I'm Ichigo, a French player, nice to meet you !

I know Love Live since 2013 by the anime. One and a half year later, end 2015, one of my friend talked me about the game and showed me a screenshot. An another talked it on Twitter. I longtime hesitated to start to play and I did it at the end of March 2016, before last µ's live. Now I'm a huge fan of Love Live and my best girl is Ruby, follow by Maki and Eli ! My favourite group is Aqours, they're so cute and I really love their songs. I hope to see them one day !

I do scouting videos for Ruby especially, don't hesitate to see my Youtube channel below !

Despite Love Live, I love animes, especially Magical Girl ! My current favorite anime is Yuuki Yuuna saga, I love so much this show for Washio Sumi's chapter ! Go to see it ! Precure saga is also one of my favorite anime.

I also love video games, currently my favorite are Splatoon, Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts. My favorite Pokémon are Mimikyu, Alolan Vulpix and Sylveon. ♥ I'm in love with Roxas and Yuri Lowell, I love them so much. **

I don't know what to say more ... Well, thanks for visiting this page !

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