July 29, 2019, 3:05 a.m.

2019 Tsushima Yohane Fan Awards

Due to the popularity of the awards, I have decided to add 2 extra winners who will get a prize, for a total of 6 winners (instead of 4). It's so lovely to see so many of you who entered and shared with us your love for our fallen angel. We all read all of your entries and we loved them all <3

The winners of 2019 Tsushima Yohane Fan Awards are...

#1 Fan Winner - elected by our panel of judges


1100 points
  • Failman | エアルス (Translator): "The cake looks like took a lot of effort"
  • Y A N N (Artist): "The little shrine is cute and that cake looks really delicious! I think Yohane actually would love to take a bite too ( ´ ▽ ` )b"
  • Ganzfeld (Member of the judges panel): "From the prep of the cake to the layout of all their Yohane merchandise, you can tell that there was a lot of thought given when setting up everything in each photo."
  • Hoshino☆ (Member of the judges panel;School Idol Tomodachi staff): "The variety, effort, and the passion that shows throughout each component in their post! Something that caught my eye was that they mentioned feeling under the weather- but still chose to participate and give everyone what they can to show why and how they love Yoshiko. That in every aspect of love is special, because it shows they put the effort physically, emotionally and mentally just for her. In a strange sense, I feel a bit of Yoshiko when I read throughout this post. There’s a large sense of modesty in it that I feel Yoshiko shows when she isn’t Yohane- and that being she is so much more than “just” Yoshiko when she isn’t calling for her little demons. It’s a similar feeling when I see how this user cherishes her. This post has a sense of purity to it that I find genuine~ "

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Runner up Fan Winner


1000 points
  • PsyGemKo (Donator): "The cosplay is so magical! Really brings out the beauty of our favorite fallen angel! "
  • Failman | エアルス (Translator): "The little shrine"
  • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "An absolutely gorgeous cosplay with a cute little Yohane home"
  • Aoi (Starlight Academy staff;Translator) and rubylovebot (Member of the judges panel) also liked this entry.

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#3 Rinaharu

800 points
  • Aoi (Starlight Academy staff;Translator): "Their story with Yohane is very sweet and emotional. The art is very cute as well~"
  • PsyGemKo (Donator): "The passion, the love, the care that this user shows towards Yohane is evident. It’s nice to read something so sweet and heartfelt!"
  • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "A cute and quirky post that has a lot of energy for Yohane inside!"
  • rubylovebot (Member of the judges panel) also liked this entry.

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#1 Crowd's Favorite Winner - elected by the community



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Runner up Crowd's Favorite Winner



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alt text

#3 madolchateau


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Honorable mentions

  • yaerity - See activity

    • Sphere (Maji Love staff): "I really like how they articulated their love for Yohane. They offered such a great insight into her character, bringing up all the things that make her who she is. I also love they even brought up Yohane's seiyuu, who I don't believe I saw from any of the other entries. Finally, the organization of their post was aesthetically pleasing with the headers. Overall I was smiling big from reading their entry, I could see their passion and love for her clearly."
    • rubylovebot (Member of the judges panel) also liked this entry.
  • cynonic - See activity

    • BlakeW1995 (Donator): "Yohane is excited to recieve wonderful sketch and artwork of her. She is also please to see her loyal little demon with so much love in collections of her in merch and SIF."
    • Jib (Artist) also liked this entry.
  • arielittledemon - See activity

    • kyuchiin☆1248 (Member of the judges panel;Starlight Academy staff;Graphic designer): "I love the creativity and the passion for Yoshiko in this post♡"
    • Jib (Artist): "Honesty is the best policy, and it looks like a very nice cake!"
  • Ryume - See activity

    • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "Your message for Yohane oozes a lot of passion that I really admire, especially the tenacity to create a banner using as many cards as you did! I feel a lot of love emanating from this post that has a very personal feel to it for our fallen angel~"
    • Y A N N (Artist): "The Twitter header are both impressive and threatening (in wonderful way)"
  • flyingrainbowshrimp - See activity

    • Hoshino☆ (Member of the judges panel;School Idol Tomodachi staff): "The creativity and dedication strikes most, but the passion from this user hits home for me. From the letter, their art and their cover, emotions pour all over this post that even Yoshiko herself would probably sniffle into tears of joy. Their ability to be expressive in how they relate to our fallen angel makes me smile. Overall there’s clear effort in this post in many different forms- and it’s appreciated to see Yoshiko be appreciated in so many ways~"
    • Aoi (Starlight Academy staff;Translator) also liked this entry.
  • JacobNico3 - See activity

    • Y A N N (Artist): "The sushi are tempting. I wonder how it tastes like~"
  • Rock - See activity

    • Jib (Artist): "Making a cosplay always takes work, it looks nice"

Other participants:

soulheart, shadowgayte, Sealynn, astar, ItsKit, BellaVocA, Psycoidol, kurama9tail, Waxycat, kurama9tail, Captain-Yohane28

Congratulations to our winners!

They will receive a prize of their choice among the Yohane-themed goodies we offer. You can see the list of prizes with pictures in the original awards details post.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! We loved your entries!

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