July 25, 2019, 12:21 a.m.

(third time trying to post this ^^')

Yohane is by far my best Love Live girl, even before I watched Love Live! Sunshine!! she was such an interesting character to me - from her design alone to her chuuni tendencies. Her voice is gorgeous and I just adore her aesthetic, so much so I just had to cosplay her!! I've been cosplaying her for about a year now :>

instagram @plantsarehardcore

Unfortunately, I can't get any better photos of this because we're packing and getting ready to move houses at the moment, but here's my little shrine to her! Along with what's pictured there, i also have a huge workout gear yohane nesoberi and the over the rainbow movie viewing badge!

Yohane Shrine

I have also spent a ridiculous and embarrassing amount of time (and money shh) scouting for her on llsif ww/jp lmao. I got insanely lucky and even soloed her limited birthday UR this year!!! And on her birthday last year, I got a double UR pull with my personal favourite card of hers, Punk Rock, and also her Summer Beach UR!


I love her a lot! ?