July 14, 2019, 1:46 a.m.

uwu Happy birthday, the Great Yohane! I’m not sure what to say here, but I’m just really happy :D She used to be my Number 1, and when I first watch LLSS, I immediately noticed her. She became my Number 1 for 6+ months and I still see her as my Number 3! Therefore, i drew this for her! <3 . And, because of Yohane’s love for Anko, here he is once again without eyebrows! lol Once again, Happy Birthday, Yohane! YohaneFanAwards2019

e// i have a lil story here :D the Great Yohane and her little demon Riri ( or Lili, I prefer Riri tho ) is walking around the streets while Riri is confused where they r headed :3 .

e2// Ya think ‘lil foxy ain’t cute enough? Here’s ‘lil kitty! . ( sorry about the tongue of the cat hat, I’m too lazy.)