July 26, 2019, 11:52 p.m.

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part of the reason behind her strong expressions in cards is, i believe, because she feels so, so deeply, and i feel her fallen angel persona is a way for her to express these strong, overwhelming emotions in a different way that's easier for her to cope with. there's way more to her than just "OIDE, RITTERU DEMON," and while i love that aspect of her, i also love just how excited, how sad, how happy, how proud she can be in the scenes when the writers allow her to feel and express her natural emotions. basically, i just love yohane, and i hope you all have a better understanding of why so many of us do, or at least have a newfound respect for yohane and her voice actress!!! happy birthday, our sweet fallen angel!!! ;-;

edit: thank you so much to bubblewand and soul king for helping me with making the necessary edits to this post!! <3