July 19, 2019, 4:45 a.m.


So, here we go again. Celebrating another birthday of the blessed girls in the Love Live projects. However, this post is special as I’m celebrating the birthday of my all-time favourite character in anime: Yohane Tsushima!!! So, let’s begin with the first meeting:

About a year ago, I was introduced to Aqours. Straight away, the powers of the fallen angel drew me to Yohane. Ever since, I think I’ve been a loyal little demon. I saved up love gems for the first time ever and managed to save in total around 600 gems. Unfortunately, I can’t help myself with random scoutings, so on WW I tried (and failed) to get 6th Anniversary Yohane and tried (and succeeded) to get Summer Beach Yohane. By the time the fateful day of July 13th came around, I had 230 love gems, so I did the step-up up to Step 4 and pulled numerous good Yohanes, like China Dress and Bremen Musician (two of my favourites). I’ve compiled a picture of all of the Yohane URs I’ve scouted over my year of playing across three accounts (1 WW, 2 JP) below.

yohane scouts

In order to celebrate Yohane’s birthday, I decided to do a little baking. Now, I’m not skilled in the kitchen at spectacular cakes with ribbons and candles and all the rest, so I decided to make some sushi to celebrate. I chose dark chocolate and strawberry (as they are Yohane’s favourite) and made some Fallen Angel Sushi. I made the rice using caster sugar, mirin (sweet rice wine) and vanilla extract to create a sweet yet subtle kick of flavor, and voila! My sushi was complete and received positive reviews from all who tried it.


Now, to take a moment to unveil my shrine to the fallen angel. I’m not really allowed to buy merchandise, but I secretly bought a Yohane figure while at my first convention. Once my parents found out, they weren’t the happiest about it, but are fine about it now (although now I do have to get permission for figures, and they have to be perceived as decent). Because of my not being allowed to buy myself Yohane merch, I turned to making my own. I created small cards of Animal Yohane and Cheer Girl Yohane by printing the card, sticking the idolized to the unidolized back-to-back and laminating them, and printed out a large photo of Summer Beach Yohane for a picture frame I found in my wardrobe. Here is a picture of my shrine and I hope to develop it in the future.


And finally, I decided to give the vocal cords a little warm-up. I recorded myself singing an English cover of ‘in this unstable world’, of which I did the lyrics and mixing myself. I’m no pro at Audacity or singing, so I sound like an out-of-tune 5-year-old who can’t find their parents at a supermarket, but I hope you enjoy it!


Well, thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed my work for Yohane, and one final time: HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOHANE!!!!!!!

EDIT: I formatted an image wrong