July 14, 2019, 7:14 a.m.

Happy Birthday, Yohane!

Today is finally Yohane's birthday! I've been excited all week for it! (even if my scouts weren't... so good...). It's my first time seriously participating in a fan awards. Sorry if this is ends up being really boring or cliché, I’m not really good at this kind of things…

I remember that when I started watching Love Live Sunshine, my best girl was Mari. But soon I was entranced by Yohane. Is it the magic of my preferences for girls who have white as their image colour? Who knows… Was it because of me being similar to you? Maybe… I still don’t know this day, you sort of became the character I loved the most.

Let’s say things I love about you! I think I love if not everything, almost everything. Your personality, interest, hairstyle, voice… I’d love to play games with you sometime! If you were a real life streamer, I’ll watch your streams and videos for sure! I also like how you don’t give on insisting your preferences and ideas, even though you know they’ll probably get dismissed by the others. I always try to call you Yohane, I swear!

Now that we’re talking about that… I remember having a bad time conecting with my friends after some personal circumstances happened, and most of the time I felt ignored not just by them, but by most people in general. It reminded me a bit about you in the anime, where you struggled to make people take you seriously. And well, I’m not sure if that worked out for you, but… At least you helped me realize that my friends do care about me and about what I have to say. I guess Love Live itself is therapeutic after all… You know what’s also a big source of comfort for me? Plushies! And what’s better than a plushie of you? I love doing lots of things together, like watching the lives or fangirling about Aqours or other groups! Multifandom people rise!

I mentioned before how I somehow magically become attached to characters with similar characteristics between each other, right? There’s another drawing I’d like to share! It’s Yohane as Kim Yohan from Produce X 101 in his audition. They almost have the same name and they’re my favourites from their respective programs!

Overall, I just find comforting the fact of having a fictional character to rely on when times become hard, how you end up headcanoning certain caracteristics of you to the character you love the most to make it more relatable… And you did all of that for me, so I’m grateful. I feel alone most of the time so having something to rely on is a huge source of help.

I know my story isn’t as deep, emotional or funny as other people’s stories, but thanks for reading this post even though it wasn’t the best.
Bonus: Last year in your birthday I was coming home from a summer camp, and what was the first thing I did when I got mobile data? Log-in to SIF to get your birthday login bonus, of course! Once again, Happy Birthday to our fallen angel, Yohane!

Do not steal/respost/claim as your own any of the drawings