Oct. 16, 2019, 9:01 p.m.

This is the Blue Ticket Umi. She has learnt a lesson from Kotori and Honoka. Like her to have enough stickers to get all these BTs you desperately want. (Scroll down for more help!)


I am so sorry for this but I was looking through Umi's cards and skdsjkdjskdjks


Here's Loveca Maki! I-It's not like she wants to help you save or anything...!



Nice, now you have your dream URS with the best stats possible! But... hold on, aren't you missing something? The skill level! Don't worry, Support Member Kanan's got your back! Works for both µ's and Aqours members~


Do you need more help? Check out the following:

Ibird's Scouting Ticket Honk

Ibird's Gold Eli

AngelicHearts' Egg Kotori

LuluWhiteStar's Sugar Cube Rin

Lizzishu's Seal Nozomi

Lizzishu's Friend Point Chika

Hotaru's Dream UR Mari

Mauri's µ's Stats Hanayo, RNG Riko and Scout 10+1 Hanamaru

KurenaiShu's Aqours' Stats Dia

LuluWhiteStar's Title Nico

Glitchly's Token Ruby

Nozochii's Umbrella You

MeariMary's Attribute Yohane