Jan. 31, 2019, 9:57 p.m.

You know what day is it today, right? It's Hanayo's birthday! ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Hanayo!

Ahh, there's so much to say. I'll try my best to not make this post too long. To start off, it'll be pretty much the same you hear in every birthday post: I relate to her a lot. Even though I'm not that shy, I get super excited when I'm talking about things I like. I also love food and white rice happens to be one of my faves as well. (I asked for my mom to make white rice today for lunch and she did it! Heh) I've also thought I wasn't good enough for something (although I made it most of the times, thankfully!) many times. I also love drawing! Is there anything else to say in here? She's so similar to me! (In fact, I'd say I'm a mix between Hanayo, Umi and Dia~)

SIF-wise, she's been INCREDIBLY kind to me. Way too kind. I've only saved up gems twice, but everytime I've scouted for her... I got her! Even though the Step Up, which I did up to step 4, wasn't too good, the limited boxes were awesome!



I got her Cool Lim. UR on a 10+1 by the way... My second one. Jesus Christ, Hanayo! I couldn't even breathe. I don't deserve this! But that wasn't all, of course it wasn't!


HEY THERE UMI! Second best girl wanted some relevancy too. Thank you, Umi!


My Pure team won't be able to handle this... Hanayo, what did I do to deserve all these blessings? You're going to kill me at this rate.


Full Hanayo Team here we go!!

Now, as I already said above, I love drawing! I've drawn Hanayo lots of times, but I'll just post the one I love the most so this post doesn't turn out too long.


Yeah, it's RinPana! I've already posted this drawing here, but it's just too cute to don't post it for her birthday. I have tons of drawings of her as I already said, but this is definitely my favourite one!

I don't own a lot of Merch... just one figure, actually. It's Snow Halation Hanayo, which I got as a birthday present. I love her nonetheless though, she's always on my desk!

I'm also super thankful for her existence, even if she's just a fictional character. Whenever I'm sad or tired I think of her and I just can't help but smile again! She really lights up my thoughts. I've learnt that no matter how you are or how many flaws you have, you're able to do anything. It's thanks to her.

I'm glad to have someone so nice as my best girl. I'm glad I listened to my friend back in 2013/14 when she said ''hey look at these girls, their names are Nico and Hanayo from Love Live!''

Thank you so much again for existing, Hanayo. I love you so, so much.

To finish the post, have a fun fact: tomorrow it's APH Prussia's birthday, and he's my favourite character from Hetalia. Such a coincidence! (it's also Lia's [otherwise known as GeneraleCapoDiUrano) birthday!! Wish her a Happy Birthday too. It's what she deserves.) I was also listening to ''May You Smile Today! by APH Japan before scouting, so...