League of Legends player(PH server, Mid Main), Kpoper, Strong love for Love Live, dancer, mathematician(not in the level of a chinese mathematician)

Fully oblidged to be F2P forever.

My best girls are Maki Nishikino and Watanabe You.

Mains mid lane in LoL. Top 3 Champions in LoL: 1. Yasuo 2. Twisted Fate 3. Ahri

My favorite quote: "If you are passionate about something, it goes like this. There is no "if, but, what" it's that simple. What do you enjoy doing? You enjoy doing that, then go do that then. Make it work. Don't sit around there and do nothing. It's gonna be hard. Life ain't easy, it is so hard. Don't worry about anybody else, because if you take it from me I was an underdog, I came from nothing. I wanna tell you ALL out there DON'T listen to anybody else, because you are gonna make it. You put so much time and effort in it, it is gonna be hard, but you are gonna make it so don't you give up on me." -Gross Gore

Let's get along well fellow SIF players.


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