Hey I'm Courtney, and besides love live; I love cute things, Fire Emblem, Revue Starlight, Gravity Rush, and like 50 other things.

My Wish list account is because having a wish list on my main account messes with the team builder ;-;

μ's favs


Aqours favs


Nijigasaki favs


Currently Tiering in:

Nothing? I'm just getting the SSRs for all these events

Events I plan to tier for



Get to rank 100 [X]

Get to rank 200 [x]

Get to rank 250 [x]

Get to rank 300 [x]

Get to rank 350 [ ]

Get Tri-color UR's [X] Maki and double Kotori!

Idolize an UR naturally [X] Thank you Snowy Mountain Kotori

Get 1 non promo UR of every girl [X] starter pack let me pick Yohane, got her summer beach card

Get a two UR scout [X] Birthday Nozo BLESSED ME with her 2018 Lim and Ice Cream UR in the same pull

Get a Full Non promo Idolized UR team of Nozomi [X]


2 accounts: