Just a super giddy SIF noob who's trying to git gud and meet fellow tap-tap weebs~ ; v ; Even though I'm typically not great at rhythm games, I've gotten pretty decent at SIF and plan to keep playing for a while! ♡

I got into LL/LLSIF because of all my friends who play/watch; I started SIF Aug 2016, EN first and JP shortly after /o/

Play Info:

  • Servers: EN, JP
  • Main Difficulty: EX, but I play Masters often too
  • Events: I usually shoot for T1 or T2; esp if it's best girl/card I gotta have

Best Girls: Riko ♡ Maru ♡ Umi ♡

--You can find me on the SIF Discord! I chat a lot there lately~


2 accounts: