Heyoo ~ ° v < /~☆" Here's Mitsuru, mostly known as Mitsuru-Senpai/ MitsuruSenpaii, Mitsukinaga or former Mitsupyon.

Started with SIF on 1th of February 2015 and stopped early 2016 until 1st of January in 2019. I guess I'm still a newbie noob lol. Maki is my universe! I would do anything for her! I'm not very skilled but Maki keeps me going. I was also into Ensemble Stars but stopped playing it entirely. Since last year I'm into Fate/Grand Order.

μ's best girl is obviously Maki. I also like Nozomi, Eli, Nico, Rin & Kotori a lot. 3rd years are love, but of course I also like 1st years! Best subunit is BiBi! Aqours best girl is Rico! And I rly like You, Yohane, Dia, and Ruby a lot. I like both 2nd years and 1st years! And best Subunit would be Guilty Kiss!


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