My Goals!

❁Get tri color Rin URs

❁Get Rin or Umi idol title

❁Get an Aquors UR

❁Full combo all B-side Hard & EX songs

❁Get my Dream URs

❁T1 or T2 Rin Miracle event

My favorite animes are Hetalia and Yuri on Ice

My fandoms are Voltron, We Bare Bears and Drawn Together

As for the girls!

My best girls are Rin and Umi from µ's and Kanan and You from Aquors.

They're so cute

I ship RinPana and KanaMari too

My dream URs are Marine Umi and Job Eli

I still don't have them but I believe I'll get them someday!

I'm still learning about the game so be patient with me please ~

(Also I can speak either English or Spanish but not another language sorry)


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