my smile girls make me smile ♥ best µ's girls - HONOKA, nico ♥, rin :3

these are the girls that make me the happiest:

notice honoka is in the middle because everything revolves around her, she is the sun and the brightest light in my life. she is my role model and i would do anything for her, she inspires and lifts me up every single day.

in aqours my fav is dia ♥ she's so freaking relatable

chikayou otp and i love both of them so much, it's not healthy

in general i prefer µ's over aqours(which is weird considering i relate so much more to the storyline of aqours and chika is actually me) BUT i really like super cheesy, optimistic stories like µ's because it's full of dreams coming true and i'm just a big fan

i feel like i am what would result if nico, dia, and chika had a baby

i ship basically everything, so i don't really understand ship wars? i can probably find some reason to ship basically anything in this show, but here is a list of some of my favorites -honokotoumi -honorin -hononico -nozoeli -nicomaki -rinpana -kotonico -chikayou -yohariko -diamari -kanadia -youdia -rubymaru

i love cosplaying!! cosplaying/dancing as honoka is my favorite thing to do, but i've also cosplayed as nico, eli, and kotori, and i will be dia soon!

i'm in a dance group as Nico and Dia! our group name is Midnight Supernova - we do Love Live songs, kpop, jpop, vocaloid, you name it! you can follow us here: instagram: @midnight_supernova_idols facebook: Midnight Supernova

aside from love live, i've also cosplayed as Fluttershy, Alois, Honey Lemon, Ririchiyo, Blossom (from Powerpuff Girls), Sayori, Spiderman(girl?) and 707 from MM! (there are more of course, those are just my highlights)

check out my cosplay YT channel by clicking here!

been in idol hell since 2015

im also in mystic messenger hell so if you wanna talk about that hmu


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