Just a girl who likes Love Live very much.

She/her|18|The Netherlands

Best girls: Hanamaru/Maki/Nozomi


Reach rank 100 {♡}

Have all Sr+ teams {♡}

Full Combo an Expert song {♡} Mijuku DREAMER

Full Combo a Master song {}

Get a UR {♡} Baseball Eli

Get a Maki UR {♡} Constellation Maki

Get a Nozomi UR {♡} Idol Outfit Nozomi

Get a Hanamaru UR {♡} Pool Hanamaru

Have 9 URs {♡} Maid Umi completed it!

Idolize a UR {♡} Mermaid Maki

Idolize a UR by copy {}

Come chat to me anytime! I'd love to make friends ^^


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