2014.07 - Started my LoveLive!

2014.10 - Started this EN account.

Name is Luby.R(案山子)

Girls No.1: Rin♡♡Hanamaru

Girls No.2&3: Maki♡♡Nozomi Yoshiko♡♡You

Idols: 飯田 里穂 Iida Riho 小林 愛香 Kobayashi Aika

Such a pity that I didn't attend Rin's "Score Match 5"...

Rank #3 (125,000pts)--Rin's "Under the Starry Sky"! The event's tracker

Rank #176 (35,000pts)--Rin's "I Wanna See You Everyday"

Rank #20 (252,521pts)--Eli x Rin's "Round 19 SCORE MATCH"

Rank #7 (800,000pts)--Rin's "Round 2 CHALLENGE FESTIVAL"

See U in the next Rin event( ゚∀ ゚


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