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Just a Umi Sonoda's italian fanboy.

Rank 1 on the first day of Umi's score match (eight round) with 100254 points (at 00:30 a.m. UTC). 12th rank (227192 points) at event finished.

RANK 2 on Umi school Idol Diary. Event finished with 300.000 points. I was 1st for seven days ('cause i was not saving tokens, lol)

RANK 3 on Umi Score Match Round 17, with a brutal 1.314.454 points. Too bad it granted me just a third place. It makes me so mad.

Reached RANK 300 on 3 April 2016. You can find the tweet here . I'm about the 25th player ever to have reach that rank in global version (dunno my real rank but i'm probably between the 20th and 25th people ever).

Playing SIF since 1st June 2014, as a free player. I switch my name to "Time Tame" during events, otherwise i'm Linktroll. If you have some spare time, please take a look at my webcomic on or

Sorry, but my friend list is always full T_T

If you're italian too, you can join the facebook group "School Idol Festival [#1 ITALIA]" (i'm the founder :3) following this link:


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