Hello c:

I startet playing Love Live before i even watched the Anime xD

Im 17 y.o. and im an AMV Editor and Graphic Designer o3o

Top 3 Girls:

  1. Rin Hoshizora

  2. Kotori Minami

  3. Nozomi Tojo

Love Live Goals:

  • 1 Rin UR (not a Promo UR)

  • 1 Kotori UR (not a Promo UR)

  • Scout 2 UR´s in the Same 10+1 Scout (will never happen but i can dream okay xD)

  • get a Full Combo in Beat in Angel and Solider game (i have a A combo in both im so cloooooose ;A;)

Bye bye and have Fun Playing Love Live /o/


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