Hello~ thank you for visiting my Tomodachi page ^^ I am a designer, artist, music lover, bookworm, anime lover, avid K-pop fan, and now a crazy gamer because of School Idol Festival.

I use OTK in my IGN most of the time because I belong in this fun Love Live community, Otonokizaka.org Come join us!!

I play to collect cards especially best girls soldier game trio Maki, Eli, Umi, also lucky goddess Nozomi.. but Hanayo, Rin and Kotori have been appearing to me a lot recently.. and apparently my acc ships NozoEli xD Finally get to idolize my 3 best girls.. \o/

Hope to idolize mermaid Maki... and have fun ^^


  • Rank. 43 on Score Match Round 21-22 (Maki-Umi)

  • Rank. 44 on Score Match Round 19-20 (Eli-Rin)

  • Rank. 24 on "Our Best Smile" Soldier Maki token

  • Rank. 39 on 1st Medley Festival



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