Where did my will to draw go

Just in case, I don't know how PMs work so um.. sorry,,

PSA: I don't talk to people bc I come off as rude and I'm really cringey, boring and awkward so I'd appreciate it if you just ignore my existence I really can't handle any kind of conversation so sorry ;;

I'm Utaite trash, I'm really boring, my English is garbage, and I'm some kind of artist wannabe.

I'm into EnStars, Bandori, Deresute, A3!, i7 and Tsukipro. Maybe if I lose control I'll end up playing Mirishita, Starevo, I-chu, Banyaro or even getting back to UtaPri. Who knows--

I sometimes cry out of nowhere bc I love Knights too much.

Best u's girls ✧ Maki > Honoka = Eli > Nico > Rin > Nozomi = Hanayo = Kotori

Best u's sub-unit ✧ BiBi

Best Aqours girls ✧ Kanan = Riko > Yoshiko = Dia > Ruby > You = Hanamaru > Chika = Mari

Best Aqours sub-unit ✧ AZALEA

Best PDP girls: Rina, Shizuku, Ai, Setsuna

Dream URs:

kanan dia riko dia riri maki nico rin eli rin

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Have a good day--


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