A Fellow victim of Idol Hell~ A friend of mine named Kuno [No longer one sadly...] brought me here... I am here to stay for a while. Before this, I was playing Elsword and Bullet Hell games (I do still play from time to time tho) Printemps are the best o3o Also my main acc is my JP acc...

Current Goals:

  • Get Hanayo's UR from Taisho set and Idolize Her
  • Get Hanayo Fan title on both accounts [Completed on 31.12.2017]
  • Clear all Expert maps (From Hits section)
  • Clear Nico Puri Master with C combo rank
  • Get a top 100 on EN and top 1000 on JP [EN best rank: #23, JP best rank: #9302]

Event Top Ranks:

  • Medley Festival Round 14 (EN): #447
  • Score Match Round 31 (EN): #23

2 accounts: