Been stalking since before the meme war and finally decided to make an account.

I laugh at my own jokes. I'm hilarious. Trust me.

Best µ's girls: Nozomi Rin Kotori Hanayo Nico Umi Eli Honoka Maki

Best Aqours girls: RikoMariYohane/Yoshiko HanamaruRuby Dia Chika Kanan You

(I love all the girls but some more than others)

I'm also on cinderella.pro and bandori.party with the same username

Even though Rin is 2nd best girl I dislike cats sorry Rin

If Kyubey was real I'd probably wish for something dumb like never being too hot or too cold or never getting sick.

I'm scared of becoming an adult.
I know the LG money spent says $386 but I did the math its way more trust me. I have so much regret.

2 accounts: