Kon'nichiwa minna!

Well my EN account is much more I'm used to but i will actively put my JP for some work gonna T-1 all event starting to Score Match Round 47. Have a great day folks. ^_^

Edit: I don't like collection events so auto pass on that event. All cards that i wanted are pretty much i've gotten including my main girls like Nozomi, Chika and Setsuna so my main JP acc is for much event only since i got all of the cards that i wanted + my dream card 7th anniversary chika ❤︎.

PS: My phone is halfway trash but i will still dominate the events and gaining my top positions on it ❤︎

Edit#2: I have 3 accts in JP version so if my main acct runs out sugar cubes and loveca i can switch to [PH] Nozomi for the μ's events and [PH] Chika for the side of aqours event I'm tired spending on the game its time to save up for my new device ^_^

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