Heya I'm Rei! I use the handles Kirei-na and Kireiwei most of the time. I change my name a lot based on my mood in SIF, but it's usually something along the lines of "fuck" or "sigh".

I started playing SIF around July in 2015, first event was during a camping trip and my mom got mad at me for using so much cellular data.

I'm a free to play player because I'm a broke International college student so the only times I buy gems are if someone gives me an iTunes giftcard. I have the patience of a god I swear. I used to be awful at saving gems but now I can barely use them because I hoard them like a dragon.

Eli is my waifu and has been ever since her birthday last year when I scouted her Wedding dress UR (it was practically a proposal). But my next best girls are Kotori and Honoka!

Still getting to love the Aqours girls as much as the Muse girls (and pronounce Aqours correctly, I still have trouble with that).

I mostly aim for T2 in events where I adore the idolized card, but I'm still getting the hang of timing it all (and balancing it with art school). I will always try and T2 for Eli events.

My crowning achievement so far is ranking 226 in the Hinamatsuri Eli event.

Also on 4 November 2016 I scouted 5 URs including 2 of the Animal Maki and my favorite card of all time Dancer Kotori!! One of the best feelings ever!


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