I'm too deep into idol hell now. Best girls are Umi and Yohane. Please help.

My favorite Muse girls: The Major 4 1. Umi 2. Nozomi 3. Hanayo 4. Rin The Others 5. Honoka 6. Eli 7. Kotori (I dont hate you anymore) 8. Maki (never liked maki tbh) 9. Nico (too many reasons but i dont fully hate her)

My favorite Aqours girls: The Major 4 1. Yohane 2. Hanamaru 3. Mari 4. Chika 5. Ruby 6. Kanan 7. Dia 8. You 9. Riko

I don't hate any of these girls. It's just how they appeal to me

Favorite pairings: NozoEli RinPana HonoUmi (please help me)

YohaMaru (rip me and the new set when it comes on EN) ChikaYou (even if i dislike the entire bias You fans have for chika) KanaMari


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