going to write now a derpy info thing

hi my name is Chris and im 17 years old ;W; and im a anime editor and maybe graphic designer xD

So lets talk about Love Live

Best Gurls; 1. Nico Yazawa 2. Rin Hoshizora 3. Kotori Minami

yooo my Goals for whenever;

  1. Scout a UR in a 10+1 (i lterally never do 10+1s xD)
  2. Scout a Nico UR Kunoichi (idolized/unidolized) Cyber (idolized) Seven Lucky Gods (idolized/unidolized) China Dress (idolized/unidolized)

  3. Scout a Kotori UR: China Dress (idolized/unidolized) Dancer (idolized) September (idolized/unidolized)

  4. Scout a Rin UR: Dancer (idolized) Land of Fairies (idolized/unidolized) - got it Valentine's (idolized) March (idolized)

  5. get SCombo in Expert songs: Soldier Game: [Combo now: 314] Beat in Angel: [Combo now: 490]


3 accounts: