Hi Argon here!

Nice to meet you.

I love to draw and I draw when I feel like it or if anything came across my mind that motivates me to draw.

Pronoun:He, him, his

My Ichiban or Best girls:

μ's: Nico (idol trash)

Aqours: Mari (le meme generator/queen)

"Why do I like the shit lords?"

My drawings:

(These are placed in chronological order on when I drew them, from oldest down to the newest.)

Please feel free to share them just don't forget to credit me. OK?! (~_^)

  1. Umi
  2. Riko
  3. Mari tea cup
  4. Kanan
  5. Kotori
  6. Mari plays SIF
  7. Yohane
  8. Koware yasuki
  9. Hanamaru
  10. Nico
  11. Sailor Mikan & Sailor Honk
  12. Ruby x Leah
  13. Nya~ & Zura~
  14. Delinquent theme: Mari, Dia, Kanan
  15. NicoMaki

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