July 28, 2019, 6:20 p.m.

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Houkago CLOVER's last member (well, in terms of member order at least) is finally here, took me long enough! meet Sase Aoi!

Aoi is not necessarily shy, but very introverted and prefers spending her time reading books alone rather than socialise. she loves talking about her favourite stories, but is kind of self-conscious about getting too excited and throwing people off with it - the only one she really nerds out to is Ringo, who she met in junior high school.

her singing voice is beautiful and has only been getting better with professional voice training, and she also really enjoys dancing. as someone who really wants to go into a profession that she genuinely loves rather than just working whatever's available, she auditioned at the agency to become an idol, getting sorted pretty quickly into HC since she was on the same school and fit their vision very neatly.

as talented as she is, she's also pretty plain, so they decided to exaggerate her idol persona to help her stand out and made her into a chuuni that wants to believe fantasy creatures are real, think a genki-er Luna Lovegood. Aoi sincerely loves playing that persona, as now she's able to nerd out as much as she wants without it seeming weird rather than endearing, and it has helped her being more open about her interests in real life as well.

of all the members of HC, she's ironically the most social one, but that's really not saying much. since she's just a very friendly and mature person, she gets along with everyone in her class and considers most of them friends, but more so on a "we hang out at school sometimes and that's about it" basis. the whole group is made of people who don't have all that many friends, with Anzu being really busy, Sai seeming unapproachable and intimidating by means of her rich status alone, Ringo scaring people off with her bluntness, and Aoi's introverted nature.

she's very happy and has a lot of fun working with Houkago CLOVER, especially because her best friend Ringo is also there, but she very much sees it as a step on her idol career more so than anything. Aoi really wants to make this something she can live off of, so she's always got her sights set on the future.