July 26, 2019, 11:50 p.m.

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agency school idol (they really need a group name) edit number 2, Yamato Sai, 3rd yr and taking the role of Top Student! even though she gets shipped with Anzu by fans, the two of them have a mostly professional relationship irl.

because she's rich and her family has very high expectations of her, the only reason she's allowed to be a school idol is because there's a professional agency involved, so it counts as an actual career option for them. it's very demanding though, so she had to quit her student council work for it. she's actually really happy she has this chance, as she's always liked idols but being a school idol normally was something she knew her parents would have never approved of.

other students consider her to be stuck-up, since she expresses herself very politely and doesn't really know how to connect with the Common Folk, but she is actually very similar to the idol persona she plays - serious, but with a dorky side. if you have the patience to get to know her, she's a wonderful friend who really appreciates her group and everybody behind them.

she also kind of foils Anzu in that she has a somewhat idealistic view of the entertainment industry, as it's something she's always believed would be her dream if she could get away from the high pressure her parents pile on her. she's a pleasure to work with, but Anzu has commented that she'll get exploited easily at this rate.