May 10, 2019, 4:59 p.m.

I've been meaning to draw my agency-produced school idols but I just haven't. found the energy so here's some basic info!

their group attribute is Smile, and they have idol personalities (& nicknames) that are based around something they already had irl. they kinda have an established idol universe around their personas

  • centre: Uemura Anzu (3rd yr, An-chun), naturally cute but no-nonsense & a very hard worker; plays the clumsy genki girl
  • in-universe composer: Yamato Sai (3rd yr, Sacchan), rich & previously on the student council but quit to have time for idol stuff, the closest to her idol persona; plays the top student with a dorky side
  • in-universe outfit designer: Koganei Ringo (2nd yr, Rinrin), blunt but means well, misunderstood but kids love her, actually clumsy; plays the tsundere
  • Sase Aoi (1st yr, Ao-chi), bookish & quiet, loves fantasy stories and playing her idol persona cause it means she gets to geek out despite usually being hesitant; plays the fantasy-loving chuuni

more stuff in comments!