July 26, 2019, 11:50 p.m.

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agency-sponsored school idols return with a character design, finally! I wanted to draw her but tbh I was too lazy to so I just edited her (read: redrew the hair & face cause there's no LL girl who had the right visuals sobs) onto Anniversary Riko real quick. maybe I'll change the outfit to her school uniform later, I wanna make the idolised into her stage persona too aaa

this is the leader, Uemura Anzu, 3rd yr and taking the role of Genki Girl. she grew out her hair when she became an idol so that they could do more with it style-wise, even though she prefers it to be shorter.

Anzu has acting experience; she's played small roles in stage plays and has had a few advertising gigs as well. her current role is the one she thinks of as the hardest she's ever played because the genki girl thing doesn't really suit her all that well beyond her looks, but she appreciates the challenge. since she knows more about the behind-the-scenes than most school idols, she's somewhat cynical about the entertainment industry, but loves it nonetheless.

the main character, Kanae, is someone she considers delusional for her dreams and grand imaginings of the idol world, but she likes Mariko, a first year in the same group who's very perfectionist (one of the main conflicts in the group, especially when it comes to their rivals).