July 26, 2019, 11:50 p.m.

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back at it again with agency-sponsored school idols (no I still don't have a group name), this time Koganei Ringo, bless her soul. she cuts her own hair, much to the dismay of management, and is also the only one who really clashes with the producers every so often, usually because she doesn't like certain choices or suggestions they made.

she's definitely not idol-like; most people avoid her because she seems pretty rude. in reality, she's very blunt, but generelly means well. it's just that sometimes speaking her mind means making people very angry or sad ... she strongly believes that nobody is helped by white lies, but coupled with her general social awkwardness, she ends up being kind of a loner. however, children tend to love her because she doesn't look down on them.

she plays the role of the tsundere, as her bluntness lends itself really well to it. in their verse she's the tsukkomi to Aoi's boke, but even in real life the two of them are very close friends who have known each other since junior high school. in fact, until the whole idol thing started, Aoi was pretty much Ringo's only friend.

her feelings toward being an idol are very different than those of the others; for Ringo it's less about the fame or even getting to be on stage and more so a way to connect with others. she really does care about other people, she's just really bad at showing it, so getting to make her fans smile means a lot to her. when the agency reached out to her and asked her to join the group based on a recommendation by Anzu (who thought her character would round the group out - Ringo was the last one who joined), she was initially hesitant, but saw the fact that it was backed by a big production company as a chance to actually have some reach rather than hoping for the best with a self-made school idol group.